Herb Chopper 17.5cm

Herb Chopper 17.5cm

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The WMF herb chopper will undoubtedly make your meal preparation easier and enhance your culinary journey. This practical and functional tool will simplify the chopping of fresh herbs, spices, onions, or nuts, making it easy and quick. Features: Two blades made of forged blade steel, each with a length of 17.5 cm Convenient and ergonomic handles Practical tool for swiftly chopping fresh herbs, spices, onions, and nuts Innovative technology Unique design The WMF herb chopper combines innovative technology with a unique design. Its two 17.5 cm blades made of forged blade steel provide excellent sharpness and durability, making chopping a pure pleasure. Convenient and ergonomic handles on both sides of the chopper effectively transfer power to the blades, allowing for precise and efficient ingredient chopping. As a result, you can quickly prepare aromatic and flavorful dishes that will impress your loved ones with their excellent taste. The WMF herb chopper will become your reliable kitchen companion, simplifying your everyday cooking and adding a unique character to your dishes. Its simplicity, functionality, and durability will make you appreciate the art of cooking even more, thanks to this indispensable WMF tool. Now, preparing your favorite dishes will be easier and more enjoyable than ever before.


  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel.
  • Handle Type: Plastic
  • Blade Length of the Knife: 16 - 19 cm
  • Dishwasher: No
  • Warranty: 2 years